Cleaner Energy or More Rhetoric???

Wow I Started this post thinking I would just post some of my ideas on how to fix our energy crisis and it became so much more.  See we have all heard President Obama talk about “clean coal” technology.  My question was why he would throw all his support behind “clean coal” and were all going umm what.. We are not dumb and those of us who have our eyes open know there are much better, cleaner and more sustainable renewable sources of energy out there. Wanna know how “clean” coal isn’t..take a look here….( Is Coal Really Clean).   So I took the old fashioned route and followed the money.  What I discovered was that the majority of our leaders have their hands in the proverbial “cookie jar” as far as oil and coal go.  What really amazed me is that it doesn’t seem like much money that they are receiving from these “sponsors”.  So Our leaders are being bought and selling out the American people for what these huge corporations would consider chump change.  It really doesn’t matter whether they are Republican or Democrat…Both parties are partaking of someone else’s agenda… So much for “We The People”.  If your interested in seeing the Coal Contributions to the House Reps…look here.  If you wanna see the contributions to Senate….look here. There was a debate about coal between Michael Brune and Joe Lucas as to how clean coal really was…Make your own decision. The US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the current administration was going to pursue “clean coal” in a Senate Appropriations Committee.  We haven’t even really gotten to the effects of mining for coal, and what condition it leaves the dig site in.  If they have to cut the top off the mountain which is called “mountain topping” it affects the entire ecology around it…You decide how you feel about that. I’m kinda in the middle, I understand there used to be a need for this sort of thing to promote progress, but with the technology we have today I think these sorts of practices continue because of the cheaper cost than doing it the responsible way. So my feelings are If there is a less invasive method of mining for the things we need then thats what should be done. If there is not a responsible way then the companies making the profit should be footing the bill for research in more ecological methods of performing the task at hand.

Soooo now that we have discussed the “Coal” issue lets move on the fuel a.k.a “oil” issues.  Why is it that the environmental fuels are being shut down by this administration while were being told that efforts are being taken to make advances in the way of bio fuels. Well they are advancing in alot of ways but with no thanks from the current administration.  Dont get me wrong I’m not saying the previous administration was helping either they just werent standing in the way. When I say standing in the way I’m refering to the lack of funding that these places are being granted  in order to develop efficient methods for producing these fuels on a mass scale.  Another example of green fuels running out of energy here is another.  Why are we being told by this administration what “green vehicles” we can and cant drive. Why are vehicles like this being ignored and dropped to the bottom of the list..This might be one of themIf we delve into it a little deeper you will find this….The answer for our problems is to allow these developing companies to research the most efficient methods for which to stay in “green mode”.  Why is government deciding what technologies we want and which ones we don’t.  According to Obama electric vehicles are going to be our future whether we want them or not.  Another example of being told what we can or cant drive is this ..California is considering banning black vehicles cuz they supposedly consume more energy to cool down…ever heard of rolling down the windows???.  I believe vehicles like this should have a shot at making it on the marketFor me personally I favor bio-diesel and hydrogen, because I think that they will still give us the power we desire and the response we are used to from fossil fuels. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying electric isn’t great, Its just not the only option I want to have.  For quite some time now I have wanted nothing more in a vehicle than thisA vehicle that can run on regular diesel or something of this nature..See they have found ways to take our garbage and old tires and turn it into bio-diesel..tell me that is not efficient in a society where we produce more tonnage of garbage than we have people.

Well I guess we cant win them all, but wait are our leaders listening to anything we want???. Check out the budget for energy and the environment.  From what I can see those plans are very vague as to what this money will be spent on. Are we even supposed to know or be kept in the dark… Transparency in Government, Accountability ?????

Well at least its being said that they will look into solar and wind energy and even use the currents off the continental shelf…That makes me feel better that only certain industries will recieve funding and not the others…cuz hey I mean if were in a race to become energy efficient why consider all the possiblities. Lets just shut our eyes pull out a dart board and see what we land on and that will be what we invest in.. Even if it’s not the best solution.. On a serious note shouldn’t we be making laws that will create jobs for this country. Like hey any new home built on or after Jan 1st of 2010 should have to have environmental enhancements like wind or solar energy. I mean they have made some really effective upgrades to old solar technology. So maybe with these new photovoltaics homeowners could start saving money on their electric bill. That would put more money into the economy not to mention all the jobs it would create in building these new cells for homes, installing them and any maintainence if neccesary.

So I guess the bottom line is do you want to think for yourself… or let the government do it for you ???????


~ by ssemt on May 24, 2009.

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